Iconic 1950's VW Splitscreen Camper Hire



Grace is my very pretty 1956 VW split-screen camper. Shipped to the UK from San Diego in July 2014, Grace underwent a full restoration over an 8 month period. She has a subtle elegance and compliments Elvis’ livery beautifully. Her colour, chosen from a special vintage pallet, does, like Elvis’, bring out the white of the brides dress magnificently.  Grace is now enjoying accompanying Elvis on one of many weddings across the Counties and is very much looking forward to being a part of your special day.


Why not hire Elvis as well and have matching VWs for your wedding?

Elvis is my handsome 1958 VW splitscreen camper. He is in tip-top condition and ready to show off at your big day! Read more about him.

These genuine classics compliment one another beautifully and have been lovingly restored to their original iconic condition. Come and meet them any time.

Perfect for VW wedding hire in and around Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bicester and Banbury, Elvis and Grace are the perfect way to arrive at your special occasion in style.

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